So yesaday I'z crusin' my ride downs da hiway and wat do I see? Stone cold wigger gose an cut off an old lady n shit! So I thinks to myseff, DAMM, that shit fukked up! So I see dat home boy goin da same way as me so I gives da car some mo gas n cuts his ass off, see how he like dat shit! Juss as I thot, home boy didnt like that shit. Home boy gettin all loud n shit, talkin how I'Z da one dat fukked up. So I gives him dis look dat say "you brot dat shit on yoself G." But dat wigger don't sees it dat way. He lookin to get in my face, nome sane? So I cold chillin at da red lite and mudda fucka, home boy jumps out his van n shit talkin mo shit bout how I da one dat fukked up. So I sais, "look like you can dish it out but cant take the heat yoseff". Now chek dis shit, home boy go an col kok my ride, brake da window n shit. So I hops out da car, git in his face. So weez yellin all dis shit talkin bout yo momma dis and yo momma dat. But I'z smot, I gits da numba offa home boyz plate. I glad it aint wunna doze plates dat say "lisense aplide fo". So I tells home boy, fine, if you not in da rong, git da fuk outta here. Datz wut he do. So chek dis shit. I pop the cellfone open (it one a doze fly flippin tipes dat sez you gots BIG munny.) Call da copz, nome sane? Cop git der RITE away, lissnen to my story n shit. Den he say, damm strate, home boy gots no bidness tuchin yo shit. So I say, YA less go pop a cap in his ass. Offiser say, caint do dat, gotz my badge on, G. But git in my ride, we go fuk that wigger up. So I'z all cruzin in da bak of da manz car, chikz see me and dey KNOWZ I bad, nome sane? So we gitz to dat wiggaz crib, an shit if it aint tree blok from my crib. Sum bich. Anywaze, missa poleesman gits out da car, go up to his crib, an shit, deres da van sittin RITE dere. O yah, fogots to say dat one mo badge dun join our persute, gots 2 big polees gonna bus down hiz door. But day try nokkin first. I cant beleevs it, home boy go an ansa da door, muss tink itz hiz bitch o somtin. Copz pull me out da car, ask me if he da one, I say damm strate fukk dat wigga up! so day put da cuffs on hiz ass, put him in da other car (cuz dey no I gonna buss hiz ass if weez in da same car). Other polees man take me bak to my ride, telz me home boy gonna git a tikkit fo malishuss bandalizm. I say damm strate, wuts da penultee, home boy gonna git da lektrik cher? He say no I gots to go to coat. So I say I coo wit dat, dun alredy took care of MY warrents. I rite you bak affa I put hiz ass in da san diego crib fo stupid mudda fuks n fix my ride n shit. Late.

Counter installed on 6/1/05.

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