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The Complete Hokey-Ass Transcript

Larry, it's time we got more life insurance. I've been looking. I can't believe how much it costs.
We don't need a million-dollar policy... just enough to help with the bills we leave behind. There are the loans and the credit cards and probably the medical expenses, too. And I hear the average funeral costs more than six thousand dollars. We really need more life insurance.
Sure do.
But where can we find affordable coverage at our age with your health?
It's not a problem. We belong to AARP.
Whether you're looking to supplement an existing policy or buying protection for the first time, you can not be turned down for AARP Guaranteed Acceptance Life from New York Life. You never have to visit a doctor or answer any health questions. If you're an AARP member between the ages of 50 and 80, your acceptance is guaranteed for up to $15,000 in affordable, lifetime protection. With this plan, rates never increase just because you grow older. You can't be singled out for a rate increase. What's more, this insurance is yours to keep even if you live to be one hundred.  And the AARP Life Insurance program is endorsed and monitored by AARP.  No wonder so many people over fifty turn to the program to get the coverage they need. To find out more about AARP Guaranteed Acceptance Life, just dial this toll-free number and request free information by mail. There's no risk or obligation.
VOICEOVER: Receive a free pocket road atlas just for calling. Call 1-800-459-9247. Not an AARP member? We'll tell you how to join. Call 1-800-459-9247.
Thanks to the AARP life insurance program, we can get life insurance without a medical exam or a big price tag. 
That's right.
All we have to do is pick up the phone.
Oh, don't bother... I already called and got this free information by mail.
VOICEOVER: Call now for free information and a free gift. Call 1-800-459-9247. - Endorsed and Monitored by Ken Greenlee

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